A house divided 


The husband's ideal home would be to live in a minimalist box with clean modern furnishings and polished concrete floors.  The wife's ideal home would have to be with extremely comfortable furniture and soft, squishy tactile carpet.  The challenge was to find that compromise.  Surprisingly, the overall design came together fairly rapidly.  Even though the owner's styles differed;  they both know what they wanted. First and foremost, they wanted to maximize every square foot of the house.  As for the finishes, it was important to the couple that they maintain a beach house feel.  Frosted glass that mimicked sea glass, along with sea foam blue, green, and beige paints and finish colors were juxtaposed against warm Brazilian woods.  The outside of the home feels classic but has a definite modern order and scale.  The interior is clean and linear, but still soft and comfortable thanks to the use of wood and other natural materials.  The custom designed dining table in solid red oak accommodates the family's large extended family. The outdoor shower, wrapped in Tyvek, gives family and friends a private place to shower  outdoors after a dip in the ocean.  Every detail of this home was carefully planned and thought out - from its placement on the lot,  to the significance of river rock tile in the master shower.