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Content Modern is a forward thinking full service architectural firm (AA-26002270) that leans towards modern and sustainable design.  Our diverse professional and construction backgrounds allow us to provide a variety of services to our clients from Pre Design to Post Construction, overseeing their project from an initial idea to reality or à la carte items from LEED Consultation to Renderings.  We offer these services for a multitude of projects from small home renovation to large scale commercial projects.

Below is an outline of some of the types of services that we offer:

01 / Full-Service Design

In the Full Service Design option Content Modern provides a full scope of design and management services, including site visits and observation during the construction process. We expect to explore many different design options, and have numerous conversations with the client about the criteria they have set forth for their project. Once a finalized design has been agreed upon, we will then provide a detailed, intensive set of construction documents and review any drawings that must be prepared by other consultants, such as engineers and cabinetry providers.

In this option, once the finalized design is complete, the clients can have as few or as many responsibilities that they would like. Whichever you choose, we will remain a guiding hand throughout and always keeping the client informed of all relevant aspects of their project. Content Modern will make unlimited visits to the site throughout the construction process as they are needed. If the client chooses a builder early on, we will work with them fully on budget, construction, and design issues as the project progresses.

02 / Design Consultation

We offer a two hour consultation service that can be used independently to facilitate ideas or in conjunction with a major project to allow both parties to experience working with each other before a major commitment is made. *Design consultation is a fee based service. 

03 / Virtual Facelifts 

For clients that are looking for a down and dirty and very cost effective visualization to help with the "curb appeal" of their home or business we offer virtual facelift. The virtual facelift would show what the structure looks like presently and then give an interpretation of what the project would look like with design elements we think would add value both aesthetically and financially to the resident or commercial building.

Greg Beere in Jacksonville, FL on Houzz
Greg Beere in Jacksonville, FL on Houzz
Greg Beere in Jacksonville, FL on Houzz
Greg Beere in Jacksonville, FL on Houzz
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