Let's make our neighborhood better! 

Multiple Commercial properties 

The Urban Facelift Project is an open ended series of quick and dirty visualizations of what can be done to an existing building to make it more attractive to the general public, making it and the surrounding neighborhood more aesthetically pleasing. 

As with many of our peers here in Jacksonville, we see things in our city that we do not agree with. Obviously, we tend to focus on things in the areas of development and design. One of the items that we found ourselves discussing is our likes and dislikes about modern development in the urban neighborhoods of Jacksonville. We've come to realize that it is very east to be critical of our city yet do nothing to promote any kind of change. 

The idea for the "UFP" came from putting our proverbial money where out mouth is. However, we are not at a point where we can buy numerous buildings and give then facelifts and physically change their appearance, but we can use our talents to show the community, as well as property owners, what a little paint, landscaping, and awnings can do for a building.