Case Study No. 8

Eames House Visit.jpg

So it took me 50 years to finally see this house in person. Not really, more like 25 years. I am 50 now and I was in my early 20’s when I was drawn to the designs and work of Charles and Ray Eames. I had just returned from a nine week backpacking trip through Europe that opened my eyes to international design. I saw a lot of amazing architecture in Europe, but Eames design was different. I had actually sat on their designs before I knew who they were.

Charles and Ray were more than just chair designers that lived in a cool house that was designed from off the shelf steel parts. They designed furniture for Herman Miller as well as made films and exhibition design for companies like IBM and Polaroid.

Needless to say I own too many Eames chairs at this point. A couple of years back I was officially cut off due to space in our home. People still question my sanity when I explain that the plywood thing hanging on the wall above the bar is a WWII era leg splint.

The Eames house is special because it is modern, but it acts as a backdrop for the things that inspired the couple. From items such as tumble weeds hanging from the ceiling to trinkets brought back from their travels, this home is anything but stark. It becomes the perfect pallette for all of their treasures. The home is being left as it was when Charles and Ray lived in it until their death. You get to see a glimpse into how the couple lived day to day.

If you are in the LA area, a tour is worth the visit. You will need to pre-schedule an interior or exterior visit by going to the Eames Foundation web site. (


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